Thursday, 13 June, 2024


How to create a faceit account?

This part is the simplest one. If you are new to Faceit and want to create a new account, search in the browser bar with the keyword Faceit. When it is opened give your email id and click sign up. On the next page, there are options to enter your nickname, first and last name, password, date of birth. Once these pieces of information are entered, click create an account. ON your screen you will find the options to choose different games, now connect to your steam account. Enter your steam account info and authentication code. Once all your teammates create the same you can add them. You can add friends from your list on steam. Once your friends accept the request, you can create a team. Select a name for your team, tag, and select the game. After completing your team with 5 members, if necessary you need to register it for not duping the name.

 Buying a faceit account?

If you are not patient enough to create an account and play till you reach the desired level, you can buy one. There are quite a few websites that are selling Faceit accounts at competitive prices. Most of these websites give high-quality service and are easy to approach and process very easily after the payment. Once you open the website you have an option of the product categories mentioning the levels and ELOs. These websites also assist you in playing games and giving suggestions. The customer can pay for the account via PayPal credit/debit cards.

Selling a Faceit account

To sell a faceit account, you can register yourself as a seller and begin posting your price, discounts on the page. Many websites allow you to register for free. It will be done fast and is easy to complete. You can even share the offers you have given for the account and post the same on social media. Usually, the website notifies you regarding any interest from the buyers, if not check your mail every day. Once talked with the buyer, try to deliver it fast as many people will be in queue with new offers.